words from tawasi 10/25/2017

Watched the raid of a homeless camp in berkley California this morning.

When homeless people have all of their possessions stolen and thrown into dumpsters, they are forced to start from nothing all over again.

This is how we treat the most vulnerable in the USA, we harm them when they are already harmed.
Rather than reaching out to uplift the poverty stricken, we further victimize them and push them further into danger, we force them to start from zero when they have only just begun to recover.

People who raid homeless camps are in essence saying to their boss "I would rather destroy this person's life, than take the chance of having my life ruined" they are willing to engage in immoral acts to preserve their privilege and avoid living in the same circumstances of the people who's lives they destroy.

This is the bleak future Owell predicted when he said "If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stomping on a human face forever."



Words from tawasi 10/11/2017

How do we become more accountable in a world of low moral fiber?
Is there a way to hold ourselves to a higher standard?


Our wold is in a downward spiral, global warming, stronger and more frequent storms are becoming a normal occurence, largely because of our behavours, meanwhile people choose not to adjust their consumer patterns and "our" elected officals are now more clearly in the pockets of the military industrialists and the oil industry.

So how do we become more accountable?
Is there a clear path forward for the common person to reclaim influince in our governance?
Is there a way we can address the potential for survival while also allowing the continued global governments to be driven by the extractions industries?

We need desperately to change our ways if we hope to maintain a livable planet, and yet many feel powerless to effect meaningful change.
Even when we band together and use our collective voices to call for right action, we are largely ignored if not directly opposed by those monied interests in global banking.
Standing rock showed clearly that people are ready for a better way, we asked government to adapt their plans, we asked the extraction industry to adapt to our demands for a future of breathable air, and drinkable water, and their response was state sanctioned violence.

We are at a point in global affairs where death squads are deployed on behalf of extration industry and with state backing they murder and desecrate with impunity.
We are at a point where our effect on the marrige between corporation and state is vertually nonexistant, and that lack of accountability has had a sevre effect on the publics wilingness to comply with the violent and corrupt state.

So, how do we choose to hold our melificent overlords accountable?
How do we make a principaled stand for survival, when our elected officals are so unwilling to act in our interest?
Is there a path forward, short of total anarchy?
Or do we need a complete colapse of government before we can begin to act in our own self interest?
How do we cope with this sense of powerlessness, when our very survival depends on our ability to radically change corporate behaviors?


words from tawasi 10/09/2017


As a half blood, many consider me white, meanwhile whites know I am not one of them.

I can't stomach dominant consumer culture and ethics, I cannot opt out of consumerism in a meaningful way, because it's prevalence is such that survival outside of capitalism is in essence a pledge of poverty, which I am pretty ok with, but it is also not enough to walk away from those behaviors while all the rest of you continue to kill us all.

So how do I continue to decry geocide while participating in it? How do I step aside from my white privilege while also not having an option to step aside from it? How do I ask people who are invested in consumerism to care about the future, while knowing they don't even care about the present if it's outside of their immediate two foot comfort zone?

People today are so selfish, and tolerant of what is immoral, so self destructive and uncaring that people are being physically murdered while we sit inside our privilege, people are more concerned with driving, stain removal, body spray and baby wipes than they are with the fact that their consumerism is actually the death of people TODAY, global warming is killing people TODAY, while you run your air conditioner and wipe ypur ass with antibacterial wipes.

I can't ask people to change, I can't ask people to wake up, I can't change people, I can only say my piece, then watch Nero fiddle while Rome burns.


words from tawasi 09/08/2017


Why should Facebook be so important?
Why should I feel obligated to supporting a platform which has gone out of it's way to silence me?
How is it OK for a social network to become so integral to a movement that people feel like they MUST stay connected through a platform for information exploitation?

We know the feds have access to facebook, we know it's chalk full of trolls and operatives, we know our friends list likely has paid troll and agents, along with mercenaries, so why remain?
Why choose a platform which is so clearly invested in causes we do not support, attacking free speech, silencing activists, supporting law enforcement and actively engaging in profiteering off of the struggles of our world, while devouring the resources, why would we support facebook?
We have seen Tiger Swan exploit the images and text we share to plan their pipeline defense, we have seen "trusted" individuals betray the movement and go on all out attacks against our women warriors, attacking the movement and being given audience, through facebook.

If you knew that you were opening a door to this sort of abuse, this sort of neglect, and this sort of potential for exploitation, why open it?
Are we so conditioned to the worlds prompts that we line up to engage in a system built to suppress?
Are we so hooked to this medium facebook, that we cannot abandon it despite the fact that it's purpose is to isolate, and deprive us of our connections, and not to create real genuine relationships?

When I think of facebook, I do have quite a few fond memories, I have friends who I have known for my entire lifetime, and friends who are not even really friends, heck they could be bots for all I know!
When I think of facebook, I can't help but wonder, does facebook function to uplift society? Or does it function to further fracture our fragile unity?
We see people doing things on facebook, awful things, things humanity has evolved to block out of our awareness, even to the point of creating mental blocks to eliminate the memory, yet facebook floods our awareness with them.
Which brings me to this question, if facebook serving the interests ofit's users? Or is facebook actually containing our potential and preventing a larger awakening?

My sense is that facebook works to continue the dumbing down process which educational institutions participate in.
My sense is that despite the connections which come out of facebook, it deprives us of actual face to face interactions which are essential to building trust and creating this better world which we all know needs to be realized.

Words from tawasi 09/02/2017

Hey there folks!
Just putting together this post to speak a little about theeffects of gluttony and rampant atacks on the poor.
We know, inside, what is right, we know from a young age that to miss treat each other is wrong, we know that you are supposed to share with your friends and that you are supposed to notbe selfish, we know that the natural resources of this world are for all of the people, plants and animals and not just for the ruling class.
We are well aware of the sufferingcaused by greed, we see people going without having their basic needs met on the daily, we see sick, sad, and broken people from coast to coast, we also see there is an excess of land and resources, to the point where they are often neglected or destroyed, and yet for some strange reason, sharing resources with those less fortunate has become largely against the law, whether it's zoning laws which prevent kind people from offering tent or couch space to the homeless, or laws like the one in Tampa which makes it a criminal act to share food, these laws are normalizing the attacks on the poor and allowing people to feel justified in their callous treatment of the less fortunate.
I find these attacks on the poor outrageous especially considering the FACT that the indigenous people of this continent are among the poorest people.
Class warfare is a very real daily experience for people on the lower rungs of society, they are discriminated against in school, at the store, in hospitals, and in public, police, teachers, doctors and banksters normalize these attacks on the poor from their positions of power, and when the wealthy are allowed to attack the poor, the middle class takes that as explicit permission to do the same.
If we consider for a moment the effects of law enforcement on the poor it becomes obvious that the police are in fact an army of the rich, attacking those less fortunate with impunity and often rewarded for their efforts to "clean up" the place.
We know that our nation claims equality, we know that "all men are created equal" and yet we are not afforded the same respect under the law, as a matter of fact, since lawyers are so expensive and immoral, civil rights violations against the poor often go unpunished, for lack of legal representation, which should not be too surprising since these people, lawyers, judges and police share common ground in court, in jail, and in the club house.
Often union lawyers advise police exactly how far they can take their attacks, they advise them which language to use in their reports to justify murder, and to insure their ongoing genocide will be considered just.
Yet we know it's wrong, we know in the same way a child knows when adults are misbehaving, because the basic moral fiber of humanity is universal, in fact it's so universal that law enforcement must be heavily conditioned in order to behave so in such animmoral way, in fact thebehavior required of law enforcement is often so immoral that even with the reconditioning, officers still are unable to carry out orders which violate human values.
So how do we reform society? How do we go   from this point of fascism to something more realistic and morally acceptable?
Will you be a part of the changing of this world into something more equitable? or will you continue to over stuff yourself while others starve?


words from tawasi 08/14/2017

How is it ok to poison ourselves?
When did we consent to buy poisonous foods, or poisonous drinks?
Was there a time when we ok'ed the use toxic chemicals in our hair and body care products?

If you are like me you probably thought the FDA or the EPA or potentially the morals of the products makers would stop them from using caustic chemicals in our consumer goods, sadly that's not the fact, the fact is that our government hasn't been concerned about the well being of it's citizens for a long time, if ever.

The disgraceful use of known carcinogens in our consumer goods is no accident, these mega corporations are largely in bed with each other, their board members share tee times, and are often share holders of corporations which line each other's pockets.
As a for instance, the companies which make toxic foods also make medical products used in the treatment of ailments caused by the toxic foods which they also produce.
How is it that we the public accept these clear conflicts of interest? How is it at all ok that companies like Monsanto have revolving door positions at places like the EPA, where Monsanto lawyers draw up policy which allows the poisoning of our planet?

Why do we remain docile while our POTUS uses the white house and the oval office pen to create national positions which favor military industrialists and privatized prisons, while subjecting the commoners to an increased tax burden and decreased benefits?
Who's definition of "liberty and justice for all" includes deploying soldiers to battle their own country people in the interest of an oil company?
And why are we still passively laying down, and continuing to act as if some "other" worthy will take up our cause and defend our rights from fascism?

We are no longer living with the values our country claims to uphold, we are no longer serving the best interests of our citizens through governmental regulation.
So why do we continue to fund the government?
Why do we pay them any tribute when it has become so clear that the government is acting against the best interests of it's citizens, how long can they act in such a disgraceful way? And how can we in good conscience continue to support them?

My sense of outrage is growing, facing the fascist police who not only protect the companies who are killing us all, but also render their service to a government which has so clearly abandoned the common citizen to death by poisoning.
Why don't the police arrest the corporatists who are poisoning us?
Why do we accept policing which is so clearly biased against us?
Why do we continue to poison ourselves and our entire planet?

words from tawasi 08/07/2017

Our things were constantly being ruined, the camp was being torn up from the inside out, those of us who worked morning noon and night to make camp better had an idea who was messing things up, it was pretty obvious who was hording the supplies, and who was acting in the best interest of camp, and who was working purely for their own interest, those selfish people were not exclusively tiger swan, but those who were genuine Water Protectors were more concerned with the common good, and seldom took for themselves at the expense of the common good.

It was easy to see who was attacking the camp, the were selfish, and generally hurtful towards effective people, trying to drag through the mud the people who had come to be of service, i won't name any names, but it becomes clear who was taking away from the common good and who was acting in a way which supported us all.

There were so many people in camp who had no interest in helping to achieve common goals, and who was intentionally preventing us from reaching common goals, roadblocking, gatekeeping and generally harming progress.

So if you are in a camp, and a person is affectively preventing progress, a person is ruining donations, a person in hoarding, a person is attempting a power grab, consider that person may be the one acting to sabotage your group, and in my opinion the person who needs to leave camp.



words from tawasi 08/02/2017

"We have met the enemy, and they are us."

How do we quit this rapid slide to human extinction?

How do we choose survival when the option to go back stage at a concert, or go on a road trip, or drink a latte?
How do we choose to make survival the most important option when the distractions are so bountiful and entrancing?
How do we walk away from comfort and ease, when we believe we deserve it, though our indulgence may lead to our collective doom.
Is there a time at hand when we are willing to be selfless where our consumption is concerned? or will we continue in our patterns of geocide, despite the fact that we are speaking out against these very behaviors.

Many of us parents are scared for our children's future, we know the world needs dramatic changes to prevent our environment from becoming uninhabitable by human kind, we know the fossil fuel industry, the military industrial complex, and the prison industry are driving our world towardskelptocracy, we know the newest leaders are in place through deception and fraud, yet we continue to toil in our jobs as though punching the clock and treading the rat race path will guarantee a future retirement worthy of our dedication, but it's not there.
We know it's not there, we know our future is not guaranteed, and that knowledge has begun to way heavily on our mind, the weight of our collective future has begun to push us towards action, though too slowly.
The tipping point for our environment has come and gone, and we continue to pretend our ignorance, we continue to act as if someone else will be our saviors, someone else will be our leaders, someone else will bring the solutions, but they won't, no one is coming to save us, no one will change this world if not us, it's up to us now, and we can't ignore the future we are creating any longer.

Coal, oil, gas, and nukes are the old way, consumerism, destruction of our planets livable environment is no longer an option, we need to raise up in such a dramatic way that our collective future is guaranteed, and we must rise now!


words from tawasi 07/26/2017

Who to trust?
It's difficult to choose, especially when there are so many infiltrators.
Broadly speaking, we can only trust those who we genuinely know, the people who had our backs, the ones who you know on a personal level, the ones who were there working hard to create direct actions, and rising up in unity.
We see way too many individuals working to tear apart this movement, and people who embrace the suggestions of the agitators.
We need to quit listening to people who are tearing at unity, we need to invest ourselves directly in supporting each other and recognize that anyone who is talking about anything besides mutual aid isn't here for the right reasons.
Seriously, we have to learn to ignore the people who preach division and go on the attack against each other, there is no future in attacking each other while the black snake marches on.
So look around yourself, take an inventory of who is acting in unity and who is attempting to tear at the unity we recognize as essential at this time.
See who has the planets best interest at heart and who is working for their own affinity group or their own botttom line, are the people in your circle creating strength in unity or are they on the attack against people who are actually working to make change?
Once you start to look at the actions and words of people around you with an eye for agitators and agents it becomes apparent who is trying to build up, and who is actively tearing down.
Again, i ask you, open your eyes to the wrong doers in your circle, out them, and don't work with people who not engaged in strengthening each other.
Walk strong, talk strong, be strong.

words from tawasi 07/25/2017

We are in such a strange phase of life right now.
Our world is being covered over in toxic fumes and dusts, our waters being contaminated with fuels which kill life.
We know our world needs to be perserved, we know the use of these toxic fuels are presenting our future with bleak potential for life, yet our behaviors are not a good reflection of the values which we MUST embrace if we want collective survival as a species.
We know our behavior is threatening the well being of all life, and yet we are too egocentric, we are too self concerned and narrow minded to see the impending doom our behaviors are bringing onto us.
How drastic must the pollution get?
How undrinkable the water?
How poisonous the air?
We know that the 350 parts per million of carbon has been passed, we know methane is being trapped by the melting polar caps, and released, we know our nuclear power plants are perched on sea line which WILL vanish below the waves, yet we fail to pursue survival, why?
If you knew your house was on fire, you would do everything you could to contain the flames, if your car was veering towards a cliff, you would correct your course, if your family was being threatened with violence you would stand in their defense, however, we fail to protect our entire world when it's clearly under attack.
We know we have to change, we know it in our hearts, we know our world needs radical new ways to produce energy, and dramatic ways to trap carbon and heal the water, we know our window to heal this world is closing, we know our abilities are up to the task, we know we can change the world.
How will you protect the water today?

Words from tawasi 07\17\2017

When do you look away? How often to you walk by? Do you notice the people in your daily life?
How often does the opportunity present its selling your daily life to be of service?
Are you genuinely concerned for the wellbeing of the people in your life?

We each have a certain quality of life which we are accustomed to, we have certain expectations of ourselves and the lifestyle we live reflects those expectations, we often choose to pursue lifestyles which run counter to our personal values systems.
A common example of this immoral behavior is that of Foxx co, the manufacturer of the I-phone, which has a track record of gross human rights violations, they were so inhumane to the workers that employees began throwing themselves off the factory at such high levels that the company installed suicide nets to save lives.
Most people reading about a suicide net are horrified, however still comfortable with the idea purchasing new I-phones.
We accept that inhumane conditions exist as a result of our actions in this larger consumer society, we see our impact and find ways to make ourselves comfortable with realities which we know are bad.
When we are capable of this, when we can distance ourselves from the pain we inflict on others indirectly we lose a small amount of self respect, we begin carrying a shadow of neglected concern.
We often neglect to have concern, people who look to the world with a shrewd and selfish eye, failing to see the inflected harm, which others suffer for our collective benefit.


hey there water protectors!

I am very grateful to each of you for your efforts to protect the water for the future, i know we each have made our own best efforts to effect change in this upside down world, i know we each have done what we feltcalled to do, and invested our thoughts and action into this movement in a way we can be proud.

This movement has challenged many of us to change our daily behaviors as well as call on those who are in the seats of power to invest themselves and our public funds in a way which is socially responsible and have an eye to the future. We know political leaders are subject to massive lobbying, and have people who are encouraging them to make choices which are more in alighnment with bankers needs, than the needs of the seven generations, it's this understanding of corrupt government which has brought so many individuals from across the country and around the world to this movement.

We have three principals which MUST guide all of our actions as Water Protectors, these principals are what roots our movement in constitutionally protected and universally recognized right. We must always remain peaceful, it can be challenging to remain peaceful in the face of overwhelming force, however, we must always raise our hands in compassion and understanding and NEVER in violence, remaining peaceful is what draws so much support to our movement, it's nearly impossible to say a movement rooted in nonviolence is acting illegally, and espcially a peaceful movement which is prayerful.