Water Protectors

They tried to kick out our sacred fire, instead it has spread to all horizons.



Water Protectors are dedicated to protecting the water, supporting indigenous youth, and supporting native women warriors.

We gather with our trusted affinity groups who are inside of our communities, to actively engage around our dedication to the future generation's need of water.

We know water is life, and actively pursue energy and lifestyles which respect the earths natural order, and the importance of the indigenous people of the land.


Our goal is to support Water Protectors who are peaceful, legal, and prayerful.

 We want to see individuals united, and engaged locally, our goal is to bring a voice to the people who are dismissed and betrayed by public servants, and media outlets.

Protecting The Water.

The water is sacred we must protect it.

All of our relations require water to live, we know water is life and are actively choosing to protect our sacred waters.

Support Indigenous Youth.

Our youth have the most at stake in this fight, which is why they are our natural leaders.

We recognize that the youth brought this movement to life through their courage.

Support Native Women Warriors.

We see the Native Women Warriors as our strength, they are our life bringers, and carry the sacred water of life.

We know their leadership cherishes life giving water. 

Stay In Prayer, We Know Prayer IS Our Strongest Ally.

We know this path is sacred, we know all water is sacred, all air is sacred, all land is sacred, and our sacred fire burns in the hearts of all water protectors.


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