court support 07/31/2017

Tina McKim a local Bellingham resident is the official challenger of the third warrant, she states that: “Traffic to the (Bellingham #nodapl Red Line) Facebook page spiked considerably with the February 11, 2017 protest. Hundreds, if not thousands of people visited our site that day to learn more about who we are and leave comments or questions about what had happened. Every one of those people is subject to this warrant, whether they agreed with us or not. This is a gross violation of the Fourth Amendment preventing unreasonable searches as well as of the First Amendment protecting the rights to freedom of speech and assembly. I take my job as an administrator very seriously and work hard to protect the privacy and safety of those who interact with the page. Not only does this warrant attempt to scare people from organizing, this warrant attempts to scare people from even looking at information or asking questions. Whatcom County is the proposed thoroughfare for several proposed pipeline projects that threaten tribal sovereignty, the environment, and property owner’s rights in the county, where companies are currently trying to use eminent domain to lay their lines. This warrant and these projects are intimately connected as those who seek to profit from these projects try to quash opposition.”


It all started when...

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